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Keep it up all night
More than a mouthful
Smut Pie
Maybe the bag broke
Prisoner of my mind
Poke & Stroke Sunday

Beach Bums MUST DIE!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Anne Truitt

I love the repetition of the simple column shape, the subtle interaction between painted surface and segmented units. Both dealing with limits, units, movement. Happy to hear that she will be having a retrospective later this year at the Hirshhorn .

Perfume of the moment, aka. down goes the economy!!!

The economic downturn, as they would say on Nightly Business Report, PBS, seems to have staying power for now at least. Night to night on NBR, the same, for months now. Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng's Shigenobu Twillight (buy it here) might be the '00's anecdote to economic blues as Joy was back in the GD. My memory of this downturn punctuated and beginning-bookended by this amazing cartoon & stock footage montage that was on NBR back in September. The montage was almost a parody/ comedy about everything economic going haywire. It lasted for about 3 minutes, looked like a cheaply made commercial with lines like, "recovery happening.... NEVER!!!!" So crazy for serious news media. Only on PBS I guess. Which is why PBS is the only thing I consistently watch on TV. 

this text taken from nowsmellthisblog:

Henri Alméras created Joy in 1930, just after the stock market crash that launched the Great Depression. The story goes that in response to the dark mood that settled over the western world, especially the United States, Jean Patou directed Alméras to create an extravagant perfume. Alméras complied, and Joy’s hallmark is the 28 dozen roses and 10,600 jasmine flowers that go into every ounce of extrait. Architect Louis Süe designed Joy’s emerald-cut bottle.

five jpgs of the day

Kittens inspired by kittens you tube video.

This post marks the beginning of my official foray into the world of blog. Love kittens, thanks Carl Williamson.